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Id 768b501433296c6b56ad7aa01108a0fea0d0e81d62f1d4add2f1614ad029fc2e Ratih Bali Hostel in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

General Information

Ratih Bali Hostel
Tel: +6285937078893
E-mail: ratih.hostel@gmail.com
Jalan Buana Raya Gang Buana Dwipa No.4A.
Padangsambian. Denpasar Barat

Denpasar, Bali

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Room Type How many guests? Price per Adult
4 Bed Female Dorm W. AC IDR 210,000.00
4 Bed Mixed Dorm W. AC IDR 210,000.00
6 Bed Mixed Dorm W. AC IDR 210,000.00
6 Bed Mixed Dorm W. Fan IDR 210,000.00
Room Type How many rooms? Price per Room
Standard Twin Room W. AC IDR 450,000.00

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